• RFID Vehicle Management Parking System

    RFID Vehicle Management Parking System

    The FOCUS UHF Long Range Reader could be used for vehicle access control and parking system. The max reading ranges up to 10-15 meters in stability. The advantage of passive rfid is low consumption on card, and the durability is more than 10 years.

  • RFID Library Management System

    RFID Library Management System

    The FOCUS RFID Reader, antenna, and Library tag UHF or ICODE SLIX is widely used in the library management system.

  • RFID Warehouse Management system

    RFID Warehouse Management system

    Quick Inventory Checking in the mobile hospital Quick Location of the asset by RFID scanner Replacement of the RFID Tag for the lost Intelligent Management for the warehouse inventory Save labor cost in the inventory management

  • RFID Laundry Management System

    RFID Laundry Management System

    It is a huge problem to deal with patient’s clothes, worker clothes, the old man’s clothes in factory, nurse homes, hospitals, hotels etc. The management cost is high and it is difficult to record for washing, disinfection, production process, dry and ironing etc. We can improve the work efficient and intelligent by the UHF RFID Management system for the laundry

  • Application in Agricultural Water Saving Irrigation

    Application in Agricultural Water Saving Irrigation

    Agricultural water-saving irrigation system is mainly made up of soil water sensor, weather monitoring station, valve-pump control, videos, collection control terminal, wireless communication module, photovoltaic power system and agricultural management and monitoring platform. The system integrates the information like the flood situation, crop meteorology and project operation to make it have the function of information collection, statistics, analysis, control and scheduling.

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