RFID Library Management System

RFID Library Management System 

The main flow charts as following:

1.      ST-9001U is used to register the RFID tag in the software system

2.      Place the RFID tag on the books.

3.      The UHF Handheld Reader ST-7200U is used for the mobile inventory tracking

4.      The UHF Gate antenna is used for the anti-theft. The system will make alarm when user take out the book without permission.

5.      UF Table antenna. It is used for scanning when return the book.


rfid library tag

RFID label

Main Products

ST-9001U RFID Desktop USB Reader

l  868Mhz-968Mhz RFID reader and writer

l  Protocol ISO 18000-6C, GEN 2

l  USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface

l  Used for register the Tag in software

rfid sticker for library

ST-7200U UHF Handheld Reader

l  Android 6.0 Operate System

l  Protocol: EPC Gen2 ISO18000-6C

l  Impinj R2000 Reading module, reading distance up 2-10 meters

l  UHF Frequency 860Mhz -960Mhz customized

l  4G, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth available

rfid library tag


RFID Library Tag

l  UHF Frequency: 860Mhz to 960Mhz, HF Frequency 13.56Mhz ICODE SLIX

l  Protocol: EPC GEN 2 ISO18000-6C, ISO 15693

l  Size 50*50mm, 80*54mm or Customized UHF size

RFID label

rfid sticker for libraryrfid library tag

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