RFID Vehicle Management Parking System

RFID Vehicle Management Parking System

The FOCUS UHF Long Range Reader could be used for vehicle access control and parking system. The max reading ranges up to 10-15 meters in stability. The advantage of passive rfid is low consumption on card, and the durability is more than 10 years.

RFID Reader for parking 


Main Product

ST-9801/9802 UHF Long Range Reader

l  868Mhz-968Mhz RFID reader

l  Protocol  ISO 18000-6C, GEN 2

l  Wiegand 26/34 port, relay output

l  Used for detecting the card in vehicle and send data to control board

Vehicle access control reader

ST-9001U RFID Desktop USB Reader

l  868Mhz-968Mhz RFID reader and writer

l  Protocol ISO 18000-6C, GEN 2

l  USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface

l  Used for register the Tag in software

RFID parking system

RFID Windshield Sticker

l  Protocol: Gen 2 ISO 18000-6C

l  Logo printed is available

l  Size 110*45mm, or customized

l  Used for identification of vehicles

RFID Reader for parking

High speed gate barrier (User provided)

l  Boom length: 3-6 meters. Fence boom length in max: 5 meters.

l  Speed: 3 s or 6 s

l  Fold barrier and fence barrier is available

l  Input power: AC220V/50Hz, output power: DC12V/100mA

l   Interface: Ground detection, outer button

l  Dimension: 330*380*1100 mm

l  Boom drop-prevention, support multi-vehicles pass through

l  LED indicator: OPEN, STOP, CLOSE

Vehicle access control reader 


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