• What new changes will smart RFID bring to the future transportation?

    With the development of the times, transportation methods such as buses, subways, buses, cars, trains, and airplanes have become necessities for modern people, and how to travel more conveniently has become a problem we need to face. What will RFID bring to transportation? What?

  • A comprehensive interpretation of NFC technology, so many application areas?

    As the forefront of the Internet of Things information collection, intelligent identification plays a fundamental role in the realization of the Internet of Things. NFC is not only in the payment field, but also in the non-payment field with the rise of the cloud concept. People's lives have brought great convenience, and tentacles extend to every corner of our lives.

  • What is the use of hardware protection for 4G industrial routers?

    The main goal of 4G industrial routers with many hardware protections is to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, without network downtime. This is also the first condition in choosing networked devices. The reason is very simple. This is the basic to ensure remote network data transmission. If the network is interrupted, the project will inevitably fail to operate normally. We are very clear about the main goals of these hardware protections, but what is meant by a certain protection index alone, which can play a specific protective role when using 4g industrial routers, I am afraid that some people are bored with the medicine-the inside story is not clear.

  • the use of RFID tags on GUCCI, ZARA, and NIKE

    Many customers buy clothes and find that there is an RFID tag in the clothing tag. Many people think it is a genuine anti-counterfeiting tag, which is unique to the brand, but it is not. Next, let's look at the real role of clothing RFID tags.

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