Using RFID radio frequency identification technology to track fire station equipment in real time


RFID radio frequency identification technology application background

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Each fire station must maintain accurate management of equipment, which is necessary for the fire station to maximize the safety of the community and residents. It is essential that all fire trucks and EMS vehicles must comply with regulations and be equipped with the correct equipment and fire-fighting consumables when responding to accidents. It is particularly important to constantly check various fire-fighting equipment and determine whether they are available in real time. However, the actual management of firefighting equipment is often not so simple. Realistic firefighting stations often borrow and allocate equipment from each other, and the equipment call tracking between these firefighting stations is still through daily manual inspections. Document preparation, weekly report and semi-annual update to register. Manual review and inventory are prone to errors and take up valuable staff time. In order to ensure 100% equipment record accuracy, RFID radio frequency identification technology is used to track inventory and equipment in real time to achieve automated inventory management.

Effective RFID radio frequency identification asset management solution

The RFID technology asset tracking system uses a combination of RFID and barcodes to mark all devices with RFID electronic tags and save them in the RFID database. RFID tags are affixed to key equipment and toolkits, which are then associated with specific project data in the computer. The station is equipped with an RFID reader at the location of the fire fighting equipment. When equipment or materials are transported into or out of the fire station, the reader will detect the movement and record the latest location. RFID readers are also installed at the entrances and exits of the vehicles. When the ambulance or fire truck leaves the station, all key data related to the vehicle is confirmed and recorded. The management method based on this technology allows any lost items to be quickly traced to ensure that the fire station is ready at all times.uhf rfid tag

RFID and barcode technology and real-time inventory software allow the fire department to respond quickly to accidents and ensure that every vehicle is equipped with emergency equipment. Station staff no longer spend a lot of time counting or searching for equipment. The system will tell them where these items are and what their current status is.

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