the use of RFID tags on GUCCI, ZARA, and NIKE


The application of RFID tags in supply chain logistics has great advantages. In the outbound management of clothing production factories and retail stores, RFID technology can accurately identify multiple electronic tags, pack clothing with electronic tags into boxes, and pass When using RFID readers, it can quickly obtain information about the quantity of goods and effectively improve the efficiency of receiving and dispatching.

rfid tag

In retail stores, RFID technology can be used for anti-theft. When unpaid clothing passes through the RFID anti-theft door at the door, an alarm will sound to achieve the anti-theft effect; and RFID anti-theft can effectively avoid false calls caused by the use of EAS.

In addition, you can also use RFID technology to conduct statistics on clothing sales in retail stores, and perform optimal control and application processing for all supply chain management processes of "store stocking requirements-logistics distribution center-manufacturer", so that you can easily see which clothing is compared. Hot sale, so as to replenish goods in time, avoid out of stock, and increase sales.

In short, the main role of the current clothing RFID tags is to optimize the entire supply chain system, facilitate production management, and occupy the market at the fastest speed.

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