RFID Ear Tag

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Animal RFID TAG is used to identify animal properties with information storage and processing capabilities, and identifies built-in integrated circuits(IC chips) for animal information storage, data communication and exchange.

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Technical parameters

  1. Item: RFID Ear Tag
  2. Material: TPU
  3. Dimension: 30*15mm,73*63*11.8mm (Thickess:2.1mm)
  4. Chip. EM4305/ Hitag s256/T5577/ICODE SLI/F08/ Alien H3
  5. Frequency:125KHz、134.2KHz、860MHz-960MHz
  6. Protocol: ISO11784/11785/18000-6C,EPC Gen2
  7. Reading Range: LF: 0-10CM, UHF: 1-5M (Depends on reader and antenna size)
  8. Features: Small size, waterproof, anti-collision, durable, easy to install


Product identification, animal management, poultry management,

Food trace-ability breeding prevention and Information management and tracking


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