Textile RFID Laundry Tag

Short Description:

The textile RFID laundry tag is suit for clothes and fabrics washing,which is still work good performance under 180℃ for more than 200 times.

The Tag is embedded UHF RFID chip with reanding long range up to 4 meters in maxium.

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Technical parameters

Model number Laundry Tag 03
Work frequency 902-928MHz(US standard, can customize other specific frequency)
Work Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Chip type NXP Ucode 7,Alien H3
Chip memory EPC 128-bits, user area 32-bit,Password 32-bit, TID 96-bit,
Working mode Read and write >100,000 times
Tag polarization Linear
RF performance For reference onlyFixed reader:On towel-3m(4W EIRP)On monolayer and multilayer wet towel- 1.2m(4W EIRP)Handheld reader (Alien9001)On towel-2m

On monolayer and multilayer wet towel- 0.8m

Material Polyester fiber
Size 70X15X1.45mm,
Color White (can customize color)
Working Temp -25~70 ℃
Ironing Temp 85 ℃ @ 60 minutes120 ℃ @ 10 minutes150 ℃ @ 4 minutes180 ℃ @ 10 seconds
High and low temp alternating test -40~150 ℃ 7 times high and low temperature alternating test , continue 2 days testing pass
Data storage 10 years
Warranty 1 year or 300 times washing
Test standard 100% function testFinland Voyantic consistency testReliability test
Package 4200pcs/carton, Carton:430*210*270mm



3.1 Tag installs method

1) Method 1:Suture on clothes or fabrics directly

2) Method 2:Suture to hop-pocket, then suture hop-pocket to clothes or fabrics

Advantage Tips:when fabrics up to washing life, can cut the hop-pocket and install on other new fabrics, then tag can reuse and reduce cost

3) Method 3:Use ironing method to Iron tag on clothes or fabrics directly, but Iron also have special requirement, so need confirm whether the clothes or fabrics support Iron

3.2 Tag installs location

1) For personal management application, we suggest to install at the junction of shoulders and arm.

2) For hotel towel and bed sheet application, we suggest to install at corner

3) For fabrics production tracking application, we suggest to install at corner

3.3 Tag polarization direction

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